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If you like steamy love stories about real-life situations, then my books are just for you. Every story is set in a quaint small town with a few quirky characters you'll fall in love with. The heroines are strong and sassy, the heroes sarcastic and kind-hearted. The romance is hot and the chemistry is off the charts.

You'll find yourself laughing on one page, swooning on the next, and reaching for the tissues, periodically, as you weave your way through the lives of each character. But never fear, HAPPILY EVER AFTER, is always guaranteed.

About My Books

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In order to embrace the love that finds you, one must escape the prison of fear.

Three years ago, single mom, Shay Nichols, flees the big city with her newborn son, a painful past, and a heart full of fear. She wants nothing more than to live a life where they both feel safe. She finds it in the small town of Bedford Park. Now, Shay owns her own business, has a nice apartment and even has a few friends she’s beginning to trust. Life is comfortable, or at least it has been, until the town’s flirty doctor moves back home, forcing her to face the fears of her past. 

Ryan McCoy doesn’t want the responsibility of a wife and kids. He’s a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy. Until he meets Shay and her young son Luke. Now, Ryan struggles with his own demons as the beautiful blonde hairdresser worms her way into his heart and her 3-year-old son has him longing for fatherhood. But, for the first time in his life, the woman he’s interested in isn’t giving him the time of day.

As an observant doctor, Ryan has taught himself to follow his instincts and they are telling him Shay’s interested. But, the sadness and terror in her eyes also warn him, her past may hold some dark secrets.

Will Ryan’s determination and love be enough to prove to Shay he’s a man she can trust? Or will the chains of her past destroy any chance of them finding what they both have been missing?



"Wow! What a great read! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Ben and Faith's story was so complex but amazing. I laughed, cried, and felt heart warmed. Everyone should read this book. It shows how you can overcome obstacles in your life with true love"




"Connie Davé has an art to writing. Her books are not just romance, boy meets girl, falls in love, happy ever after. Oh, no..that would be the norm. Everyone does that. No, Connie writes books that deal with everyday life. The author takes you on a journey of emotion. Happy, sad, happy, joy, sad, happy. Reading this book had me in tears. Sad tears. Then happy tears. If you want a book that will bring you into the story, I highly suggest reading Trusting Tess."


Love on the Boardwalk ebook.jpg

Loved this book! Very well written! Loved the storyline, fell in love with the Hens! This is a book once started is hard to walk away from

-Angel Reader

Hers to Choose ebook.jpg

"Wow! Connie Dave` does not disappoint. She has this amazing skill of bringing a book to it's fullest potential and this book is no different. Rani and Brock are two people from different cultures that come together to show us it doesn't matter where you are from when it comes to true love.

This book was a truly inspiring story. Rani is of Indian culture and their customs are not the same as most. All Rani wants is to fall in love and marry her soul mate. But according to her culture, she must marry an Indian man of her parents choosing. An arranged marriage of sorts. But Rani longs to be free. Free to love who she chooses, free to live under who own rules and free to do the things she loves. One where

Brock recently lost his mother. Dealing with her loss and the secret laid out on her death bed has Brock feeling lost and confused, maybe a tad bit angry. His whole life has been based on a lie and he is having a hard time adjusting. But all that changes when he runs into a raven-haired beauty.

Brock and Rani start their relationship as friends. Friends on a mission to beat the matchmakers at their own game. What they don't realize is the matchmakers know what they are doing. The bond between these two unlikely friends gets stronger and stronger each time they meet. But what will happen to their hearts when Rani has to marry?

Rani's story of overcoming her fears to stand up to her parents and stand up for what she wants is amazing. As I said before, truly inspiring. She is such a bright and wonderful person. I would describe her personality as the ray of sunshine in the darkness. She is ambitious, strong, snarky and caring.

Brock is such a handsome and sweet man. His character is strong, determined to be there for Rani even though she is actively allowing her parents to set up her marriage. Brock has his own demons to deal with, yet he is still there for others and supports those he loves and cares about.

This story is amazing and an inspiration to those who love someone who is not accepted by their culture. The characters are strong and encouraging. A steady paced read that flows so smoothly. A book that will capture its audience and have them falling in love. I cannot wait to see what Connie has in store for us with future reads."


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